Here at Robert Kett, the governors are very proud of our children, families and staff who all work as a team to make sure we are putting our children at the centre of what we do.  We are grateful to be in such a supportive community and have strong links to local organisations that help our school too.

We want you to feel that you know as much as possible about how our Governing Board works. At the heart of our Governance are the children of Robert Kett. Happy, Healthy, Safe - Achieve; Feel Valued - our vision is to provide all children with this experience of Primary School.

We do hope that you find this information useful and if you feel inspired to get involved or just want to get in touch, please e-mail me at

Thank you.

Mrs Mary Richards, Chair of Governors

Our Governing Board

Our Governing Board is made up of a range of people who bring different skills and experience to support the strategic running of the school.  Please click here to  find our more about each of our Governors.

Governing Boards organise themselves in a certain way to make sure they work properly.  We have a Code of Conduct, a Constitution  and keep a log of governors and their interests

We also attend governor training and keep our skills up to date.

The Annual Governance Statement is produced annually to summarise what has happened that year and plans for next year.  Click to see our most recent one which is our Annual Governance Statement 2019- 2020.  Each one is produced in the Autumn Term so we have all the correct information available for the year just gone.

Meeting attendance 2021-2022.docx.pdf

Duties and Responsibilities

Our job is to be a 'critical friend' to the Senior Leadership team, both supporting and challenging them (and each other!) to make sure we are all always doing our best for Robert Kett children and families.

A vital part of what we do is monitoring how our strategic plans (SIDP) are going in practice and that we are delivering our vision and ethos.

We oversee the financial performance of the school ( Pupil Premium, Sports Grant) to ensure that we are getting value for money and that we are spending it where is best supports the children.

We also hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school.  This means we ask challenging questions to the Head and the Senior Leaders to ensure children are getting the best education available at our school.

Our statutory responsibilities are very important.  These are the things that the Government says all Governing Boards must do.  These are:

We have a specific responsibility about making sure certain information is always available to people on our website.  We will also become involved, where necessary, in exclusion panel meetings and certain types of complaints.

Monitoring can take many different forms.  It may mean visiting the school, joining lessons, as well as meeting teachers and other staff.  It can mean reading and asking questions about school information, such as children's progress and attainment or our staff teams.

We also talk to children about what they think about school, sometimes by attending school council meetings, asking them what they think in class or by having lunch with them.  We always learn a lot from their opinions and try to include these in our decision making.

Parent and carer views are vital and we try to attend important information evenings, parent/carers voice and FORKS.  We use surveys to understand a range of different perspectives and are currently developing our use of working parties to support continuous school improvement.

We also meet regularly to discuss things happening in school.  There is more information about our meetings available here.


We meet half termly as a  Full Governing Board.   Please click here to see the minutes of our meetings.

The point of our meetings is to continually improve our school.  To make sure we have made a difference, we end each meeting by reflecting specifically on how we have positively impacted our children at Robert Kett.