Children in year 6 will be expected to take on the role of School Monitor for a term during the year, as part of their Citizenship education and to help them develop skills of communication, timekeeping, prioritisation and organisation. Each child will be assigned to a member of school staff. They will be expected to undertake duties during lunchtime or after school (until 3.30pm). It is these small things that help ‘oil the machine’ of Robert Kett, supporting our efficiency and effectiveness as a school. Undertaking these roles will also help prepare the children for their move to High School and future roles as prefects.

If your child attends an after school club, they will be excused from monitoring on those days. We hope all children volunteer to take on this opportunity. Children who are unable to help before or after school will be able to undertake specific roles during the school day eg: setting up for assembly, helping at lunchtime, organising lost property.

Parents of year 6 children will receive a letter prior to their child’s class being School Monitors for the term.