Forest Schools

Forest School Principles

Forest School is a specific approach to outdoor learning that aims to enable learners to develop confidence, self-esteem and resilience through regular, consistent and hands on interactions with the natural world.

It is not simply taking the conventional classroom outside. Children are given the freedom to explore, discover and learn on their own terms, experiencing first hand the natural world through the changing weather and seasons and becoming enveloped in the almost limitless experiences of sight, smell, sound, touch and even taste that can open up an extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

Forest School at Robert Kett Primary School

All the children in Reception will have bi-weekly Forest School sessions for the duration of the academic year. Nurture groups throughout the school will also take part in programs.

Through stories, arts, exploring and play the children will come to know themselves, each other and the natural world around them and enable them to take their new founds strengths, both physical and emotional back into the classroom.

Continued thanks go to Wymondham Garden Centre for donating equipment in the initial stages of setting up Forest School.

Support from the Ernest Cook Trust by way of a £3000 grant to help with buying initial equipment and staff training has also been paramount in getting our Forest School program up and running.