Our Vision for Reception at Robert Kett Primary School

EYFS Values- At Robert Kett we believe that children are intrinsically motivated through their individual experiences of the world and experts in play. They have the right to multisensory, play based learning experiences that promote independence, kindness, curiosity, creativity, respect and determination. We provide an ambitious curriculum and a learning environment that embraces the needs and interests of every individual child, with their well-being at the heart of our practice.

We welcome you to our Early Years Foundation Stage. Here at Robert Kett, we pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible start for all of our Reception children. The early years is a crucial stage in every child’s development and it has a fundamental impact on their wellbeing and development, helping to shape the person that they will become.

Our dedicated team of experienced Early Years Practitioners work hard to create close bonds with our children and their families. We strive for every child in Reception to be happy, curious and independent. We ensure the children feel safe, secure and ready to learn within our setting. We celebrate the little steps in achievement as well as the big, helping to boost the children’s self esteem and confidence.

Our Reception classrooms are now combined as one fantastic shared learning space. This opens out onto our exciting new outside area that provides the children space to run, climb, dig, build. (To be completed April 2023). The outdoor learning environment provides learning opportunities that are bigger, louder and messier than the activities that are indoors. It gives the children the freedom to explore and be at one with nature.

We are privileged to have a magical Forest School area which enables the children to develop confidence, self esteem and resilience in a large scale, natural environment. At Forest School, the children explore, discover and learn on their own terms, with guidance from our highly skilled leaders. For more information, please click here.

Continuous provision underpins our Early Years practice. Our classroom environment supports the children to be fully engaged in purposeful play, following play themes that interest them. An adult’s plan isn’t a child’s plan, our provision responds to the needs and interests of the children and provides them with real-life situations. Resources are readily available for the children to access at all times. This enables the children to feel secure and comfortable. Adults add enhancements to the provision to inspire and promote a sense of wonder.

In order for the children to progress, it is integral that our staff have high quality interactions with the children. When our children are fully immersed in what they are doing, it is at that moment that the role of our skillful staff is vital. Our practitioners are always ready to listen, communicate, role model, assess, explain, demonstrate, scaffold, question and push the next steps of the child’s learning. Our practitioners work with the children to ensure that obstacles are overcome, barriers are broken down and new possibilities arise. Our team ensures learning experiences are cognitively and physically challenging, developmentally appropriate for each child, and most importantly, fun!

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a precious time, and we are so fortunate to share that with your children. We are passionate about instilling confidence, independence and a love of learning in our children to equip them throughout the rest of their schooling here at Robert Kett and beyond. 

For more information, please click here to view our Starting School booklet.