School Lunches


At lunchtime, children can choose to bring in a packed lunch from home, go home for lunch or have a school lunch. Children in Years R to 2 have Universal Infant Free School Meals meaning that the school lunch is provided free of charge to parents.

Our Lunch Menus

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Allergens Summer Menu 2022

Allergens Spring Menu 2022

Quick after-school snacks

Apple Donuts

Slice an apple into discs and use a small cookie cutter or apple corer to make a hole in the centre and remove any pips. Spread cream cheese over the slices, and top with raisins, flaked almonds or a few sprinkles.

Yogurt Bark

Spread some natural yoghurt over a tray lined with baking parchment - don't make it too thin. Scatter over some halved raspberries and blueberries (fresh or frozen) and freeze until solid. Break into shards to serve.

Celery Boats

Fill the cavities of celery batons with peanut butter or hummus, and arrange some raisins on top.

Topped Oatcakes

Mash some flaked smoked mackerel or smoked salmon with a few tablespoons of natural yoghurt, mayonnaise or cream cheese, then add a twist of pepper and some lemon juice (or just simply hummus) - spread over oatcakes.

Ham and Cucumber Pin-wheels

Slice some cucumber ad top with 'wheels' on ham and cream cheese (or hummus if you prefer).

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