Robert Kett Primary School recognises the important responsibility for Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children. The school’s policy applies to the whole of the school’s workforce, along with volunteers, governors and any contractors working on the school site. In particular Staff recruitment and selection – ensuring that all staff (volunteers etc.) have been appropriately checked for their suitability, using the Safe Recruitment procedures. In addition:

  • Raising awareness of safeguarding issues and equipping children with the skills needed to keep them safe.

  • Developing and implementing procedures for identifying and reporting cases, or suspected cases, of abuse.

  • Supporting pupils who have been abused, in accordance with an agreed, child-centred plan.

  • Establishing a safe and nurturing environment free from discrimination or bullying, where children can learn and develop happily.

  • We recognise that because of their day-to-day contact with children, school staff are ideally placed to observe the outward signs of abuse.

  • Staff in schools will therefore:

    • Report any inappropriate behaviour / activities to designated staff.

    • Establish and maintain an environment where children feel secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to.

    • Ensure that children know that they can approach any adult in school if they are worried and they will receive a consistent, supportive response.

    • Provide, within the PSHE curriculum, opportunities for children to develop the skills they need to recognise, and stay safe, from abuse.

  • Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Cara Fahy (HT) and Julia Hyland (DHT), Janine Salter (AHT), Laura Stimpson (SENCO), Matthew Howes (Extended School Manager) and Brian Johnson (Chef and Playworker) as alternative Safeguarding Leads.

Operation Encompass

At our school we are working in partnership with Norfolk Constabulary and Norfolk Children's Services to identify and provide appropriate support to pupils who have experienced domestic violence in their household; this scheme is called Operation Encompass. In order to achieve this, Norfolk Multi-agency Safeguarding Hub will share police information of all domestic incidents where one of our pupils has been present with one of the following Designated Safeguarding Leads at our school. (Cara Fahy - Headteacher, Julia Hyland - Deputy Headteacher and Janine Salter - Assistant Headteacher.

On receipt of any information, the Designated Safeguarding Lead will decide on the appropriate support the child requires.

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