Clubs and Extra Curricular

There is a wide range of clubs and activities for children to get involved in at lunchtime and after school.

Regular clubs – football, netball, table tennis, gymnastics, junior and senior choir, orchestra, recorders, gardening, cookery, street dance, Steel Pan and African Drumming – are often dependent upon the goodwill of the staff.

Whereas other clubs, such as Rugby, tennis, creative writing and chess are run by volunteers from outside the school, and some of these clubs may make a charge.

We also offer tuition for the clarinet, flute, saxophone, mini-bassoon, violin, cello and a range of Brass instruments led by specialist music teachers from the County Music Service.

A letter will be sent out at the beginning of each term, offering the opportunity for children to sign up to clubs. We endeavour to operate a fair system of offering places following a published deadline date. Children whose behaviour or attendance at a club causes concern will have their place taken away and offered to a child on the waiting list.

Club list - Final.pdf