Getting to School


What is a School Street?

A School Street is where a road outside a school is temporarily closed ( for around 45 minutes) to non-essential motor vehicles during school pick up and drop off. Some vehicles have exemptions to this, such as residents.

Why have School Streets?

School Streets make the journey to and from school safer for children and their parents/carers. They tackle congestion and unsafe parking, encourage a healthy, active school run and improve air quality.

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Walking and Cycling

We encourage children to walk or cycle to school. Your child may cycle to school if he or she is proficient enough to do so and wears a protective helmet – we strongly encourage your child to wear hi-visiblity vest when cycling to and from school.

We have a covered cycle rack, where cycles may be stored during the day, but we cannot accept responsibility for any loss of or damage to cycles whilst at school. Please ensure your child uses a cycle lock.

By Car

We would prefer it if your child walked to school – at least part of the way – but if you do drop off or collect your child by car you will need to park away away from the school outside of the School Street closure barriers. Wherever you do park, park legally and considerately. Do not park in the school’s bus lay-by.


You are most welcome to meet your child in the school playground, or outside school, away from the school crossing patrol.

Outside normal hours we expect you to collect your child from either the After School Club, or from the school reception area.

Children in Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3 must be collected by a responsible person, over the age of 16. Children in year 4-6 will be dismissed straight from class at the end of the day.