Champion Child

Champion Child Initiative

Robert Kett Primary School staff were inspired by a TED talk by Rita Pierson where she talks about her belief that ‘Every Child Needs a Champion.’ Whilst we champion all of the children at Robert Kett, we decided that we wanted to take it one step further and each choose a child to champion over the term. This involves each member of staff checking in with their child, ‘noticing’ things about them to help boost self esteem and being available for the children to come to if they have any worries or if they just fancy a chat!

As Champions, we have made the following pledge to the children:

I promise to...

  • Care about you, listen to you, be patient, fair, and supportive.
  • Value you and treat you with the highest respect.
  • Maintain a positive attitude about you and about our school.
  • Forgive and ask forgiveness.

If you would like to watch Rita Pierson’s TED talk please follow this link: