Friends of Robert Kett School 


Welcome to FORKS

All parents of children at Robert Kett Primary School are automatically members of our FORKS and are welcome to join us at our meetings, to plan events and activities for the children and to look at how we can raise much needed funds to support the school. 

My Name is Angela and I am the new Chair of Friends of Robert Kett School (FORKS). 

I am Mum to Amelia who is in year 5 and Harry who has just left to join Wymondham High. I am really looking forwards to working with the school and the children.

I have previously been in a PTA at my children’s previous school and really enjoyed it. I have always loved organising events and love to see the happiness that events create for children, teachers, Family and community. I also previously ran a cub scout group for 8 years before having children.  

I moved to Wymondham just before covid and still don’t really know very many people around Wymondham so hoping working with the school PTA I can also create great friendships too.

My favourite food is hunters’ chicken, I love watching TV with my family., my Favourite time of the year is Christmas with friends and family. I have 2 dogs Bella & Rex

To join the committee or for more information on what is involved please email me at

My Name is Jenny, I am the new F.O.R.K.S Vice Chair. I am Mum to Riley in year 3 and Grace who loved her time at Robert Kett before moving to Wymondham High School.

I want to give something back and help raise funds which helps the school support our kids learning and development in lots of ways.

I’m delighted to be taking an active role with the PTA (F.O.R.K.S).

Robert Kett is such a wonderful school and really looking for exciting events planned for 2024.

Looking forward to meeting new people as we work together to create some great memories

I love reality TV, Cheese, talking and spreadsheets 

If you’re new to the school, the role of FORKS is to support the school by raising funds for any additional resources that otherwise we wouldn’t be able to have, so it’s really important. 

We pride ourselves on being approachable and being part of the Robert Kett community. We truly believe that we can achieve more when part of a community then standing along.


FORKS - Minutes of AGM 2023.pdf