Full details on our behaviour policy can be found here.

We are committed to the pastoral care of our children. We believe in and promote a happy and caring environment, one where children will learn to appreciate the importance of:

  • common courtesy.

  • taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

  • respect for one’s self and for others.

  • self-discipline.

Our School Rules are based on 5 Cs:

Courtesy ~ we are polite, have excellent manners and always treat others with respect

Consideration ~ we are thoughtful and recognise the feelings and needs others

Care ~ we are responsible and treat other people, resources and our environment with care

Co-operation ~ we work and play together, listen to each other and take turns

Commitment ~ we are dedicated to our learning and are determined to succeed

Behaviour Charter

Each class will agree and sign their own Behaviour Charter at the beginning of the year, which makes clear the standard of behaviour expected of each pupil.


Bullying is not tolerated.

It is a school-wide responsibility to prevent and report bullying – of any sort, at any time, in any place and between anybody.

Guidance for parents

Traffic Lights

At classroom level, individual behaviour is monitored, using a simple Traffic Light system. The children’s names start each session on the Green light, but can be moved to Amber or, even, Red.

Sanctions and rewards

Sanctions are in place for those occasions when standards slip, and parents will always be informed if a child’s behaviour causes us concern. Where a child’s behaviour is thought to be unacceptable or inappropriate, then the child’s parents will be asked to come to school, to discuss their child’s behaviour.

But happily, it is more likely that you will find our children being rewarded by their teacher, for their good behaviour.

Behaviour for Learning