Educational Visits and Visitors

Educational visits

We feel that it is important to broaden a child’s experiences; we can develop interest and broaden skills by taking the children on day visits. We also recognise the importance of having special people visiting us!

Currently, the school arranges a number of visits linked to our topics:

  • A Reception visit to Gressenhall, where the children learn about Fairy Tales and the Dinosaur Park when the children study animals

  • A Year 1 visit by a local police officer to link with our Talk 4 Writing Topic

  • A Year 2 visit to Wymondham Rugby Club and a visit to Ancient house in Thetford when thinking about 'Buildings'. Year 2 also enjoy going to Wymondham Abbey to sing Christmas Carols

  • A Year 3 visit to look at Wymondham police station; a visit to Easton college to learn about animals and a trip to look at the local area at Wells-next-to-the-sea. One of the children's favourite visits is to Wymondham High school where they enjoy story sharing

  • A Year 4 visit to the Castle Museum to explore Roman culture. Year 4 enjoy a visit from a flint knapper when they learn about the Stone Age.

  • A Year 5 visit to the Viking experience at Time and Tide. Year 5 welcome local local historians, Adrianne and Anne Hoare when learning about the Robert Kett rebellion.

  • A Year 6 field study visit to Wymondham Abbey, where the children complete maths and geography work, as well as hearing about the history of the site from a local expert.

It is the school’s residential trips which offer the children the opportunity to experience time away from home.

We currently run two residential trips:

  • Year 4 visit a local location which offers exciting, curriculum and non curriculum based outdoor learning

  • Year 6 visit a location further afield to contrast the Norfolk landscape

Charges are generally made for school trips, but please read our policy for charging.